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Updated on April 9th , 2020

This privacy policy applies to Talent Bank ( Osaajapankki) service and personal data stored to the service. Personal data is processed according to this privacy policy, Finnish legislation and EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. This privacy policy will be updated as necessary. We will only notify about the changes if they are significant or the applicable law so requires. By using this service you agree to the terms of our privacy policy.

Terms of privacy

You can find yourself a new job from Talent Bank. In the Talent bank, there is 2 kinds of users – Talents and recruiters. Most of the information stated here concerns the talents. When talking about recruiters’ policies, it is always mentioned.

Who is able to control my personal data?

We (LAURA Rekrytointi Oy) are the register controller of this service.

LAURA Recruitment Ltd
Ratamestarinkatu 7 A
00520 Helsinki
+358 44 7700560

Employers, that are our service’s customers, have access to your personal data. The access is granted in order to offer you this service and give the chance for the employers to find new employees through this service. You can decide, what kind of data about you can be seen by the employers.

We do not process personal data of people under the age 16.

LAURA Rekrytointi Oy is the register controller of this service. When recruiters are using this service, they are the register controllers of their own recruitment process.

Where is my personal data stored?

Your personal data is stored in Talent Bank -service. Our servers are located in Finland.

For what kind of purpose is my data used and why?

We use your data to provide you the chance to find jobs that match with your skills and interests. We control your data and our customers have access to this data to provide you this service. By adding your profile to the Talent Bank, you make yourself visible for potential employers.

LAURA Recruitment Ltd will also use personal data for the management and development of customer relations, the design and development of the business, PR, marketing, opinion and market research and analysis as well as statistics.

To provide you this service, we will inform the users about job opportunities that match their profile, and to provide the user with tips and information on searching for jobs. We do this via email or text message (SMS).

Is my personal data used outside of EU or EEA?

All our servers are located in Finland. The data saved to this service is not transferred outside of EU or EEA.

However, we do not take a stand on where the data may end up in the following cases:

  • Employers can use this service from outside EU or EEA.
  • Our server platform provider storage systems’ vendor maintenance may happen outside of the EU.
In any case, your data is transferred only by using secured connections.

What kind of data is collected about me?


We collect data about your skills and interests, so that potential employers can find you and offer you open jobs. The only source of information is you, so you can choose, what kind of data you want to give about yourself. Here is a list of the data we collect:

  • Name and contact information (F.ex. Name, email address and phone number, for recognition and communication)
  • Date of birth (For statistical reasons and offering jobs, if they require a certain age)
  • Information used to evaluate how well an applicant fits for a job opening (F.ex. Previous work experience, education, language skills and other skills). Attachments (F.ex. CV, picture, certificates)
  • Information created during communication such as emails, text messages and files.
  • Attachments, such as personal CV.
Your data stays saved for 5 years, starting from the moment you create yourself a profile or modify the profile. You can delete your personal data whenever you want. We handle the data based on the agreement of a talent user, to which the user agrees when creating a profile.


We collect the data of recruiters to provide this service to the recruiters. The following information is collected:

  • Name and contact details
  • Organization
  • Email-address
  • Log information about opened profiles
Recruiters’ data stays saved for 2 years after the customer relationship has ended. After this, the user information is deleted permanently. The contract between LAURA Rekrytointi Oy and the customer is the basis for the data usage. Other users, neither the talents or other recruiters, can’t see the data of a recruiter.

How is my personal data protected?

To secure safe data transfers and storage, we use strong encryption. We protect your information with various ways, for example internal information security, access control, security updates to our software and backups.

We require the compliance to these rules also from our customers, that use this service.

What are my rights?

You have full access to your personal data, and you can control them through your account. Next, we will briefly go through your rights:

Access to data: You have the right to know, if we control or use your data. If we do use your data, you have the right to check the stored data.

  • The right to correct the data: You have the right to demand the correction or deletion of false data.
  • The right to delete the data: You have the right to demand the deletion of all data that is stored about you, unless there is a reason to store it.
  • The right to limit the processing: You have the right to demand, that we limit the processing of your data, if there is a legitimate reason to do that.
  • The right to object the processing of your data: You have the right to object the processing of your data, if you have a reason for that.
  • The right to object the automatic processing of your data: If you do not want us to automatically process your data, for example to provide you with suitable job opportunities, you can contact us at .
  • The right to transfer data: You have the right to transfer your personal data to somewhere else in machine readable form.
  • The right to complain to a supervising authority: You have the right to complain about the processing of your data to us, the employer or to a supervising authority.
  • The right to withdraw the agreement of data usage.

What am I responsible of?

You can use our service as much as you want. We want you to find new career options through our service.

What am I responsible of?

You can use our service as much as you want. We want you to find new career options through our service.

You are responsible of the information you provide being truthful and up-to-date. You are responsible of your information being lawful and legal, and that it does not break any rules or copyrights. We have the right, but not the responsibility to verify, change or deny information, that we see as inappropriate. You are responsible of using the service according to good information security standards.

Is my data used in automatic decision making and profiling?

The service uses automatic decision making to connect jobseekers and employers (F.ex. An employer searches for matching jobseekers to fill an opening job. The service suggests the jobseekers most fit for this job. The decision whether to hire a person or not is always made by a human being. In order to the employers to find your skills as accurately as possible, the service does profiling based on the data given by you. The more accurately tell about yourself and categorize your skills, the better the employers can find you a matching job.

The Talent Bank collects various analytical data. This data is used to collect statistics on how the service is used and to measure advertising as well as to help develop the service. The results of these analytic tools are not connected to talent profiles. Analytical information is collected using various third-party services:

Google Analytics: Google Inc’s (Google) web analytics service that we use to track site usage and the number of visitors. See more about Google Analytics privacy:

Hotjar: A web analytics service maintained by Hotjar Ltd, which gives us information about the usage of the site and on how we can improve our service accordingly. See more about Hotjar’s privacy:

Facebook pixel: Used to target our advertising. Learn more about Facebook’s advertising settings:

SurveyMonkey: Used to gather user feedback as well as periodic research inquiries.

ActiveCampaign – tool is used to communications in the service, for example: Providing the user with information about job opportunities that suit the profile, and to provide the user with information about the service and tips for better results in search for jobs. More about the tool’s privacy policy here:

In addition, the following services are used: Google Maps and reCaptcha.

Immaterial rights Talent Bank – service’s copyrights and other immaterial rights belong to LAURA Recruitment Ltd. You and the employers that use the service have the right to access your own data.

You may browse, view and save the material of the service to your personal use. You can copy, save, forward or exploit the material shown in the service only to your own use.


We use cookies to offer our service. If you want, you can block the cookies from the settings of your browser. Note: If you block the cookies, the service might not work correctly.